Ok I am going to preface this post with a disclaimer: I am sorry!

I’m sorry for a few things…

  1. I’m sorry that this week you will be looking at my bum!
  2. I’m sorry I haven’t been around lately! (Well actually I’m not really haha…) I guess that’s a sorry – not sorry! I’ve been enjoying the Christmas holidays/summer holidays/school holidays with my family. I can’t bring myself to apologise sincerely for the weeks we spend at Christmas living at the beach – it is heaven. I read 6 fictional novels while I was there and did zero sewing and zero study – whoops! I hardly spent any time on social media and didn’t even take that many pictures! It was a great reset. I didn’t know my phone could last 3 days without charging, I usually have to charge it twice a day!
  3. I am however genuinely sorry that I am unprepared for this assignment! Since we got home I’ve been busy studying for my first uni exams in almost 10 years – help! So it’s Saturday night and I’m getting ready to start by typing this post and start sewing my first couple of pairs the DAY before the assignment! Lucky undies are relatively fast!

Weeks of watching the ships come into the harbour, reading (fiction not textbooks), ice creams, coffee, bike riding, naps and living at the beach is tough!!

Thanks to the gorgeous and hilarious Jess at Tea Dust & Stitches for getting me onto this project together with the very cool Katie from Katie Makes a Dress! I don’t know about them, but I am in desperate need of new undies so this was exactly what I needed. I have so many pairs that are only just holding it together… They are kind of disposable at the moment. I wear them, discover a hole and at the end of the day I toss them in the bin instead of the laundry basket. I’m saving on laundry but my undie drawer will be empty before long!

The posts and the pictures will definitely get better as the week goes on, because my exams will be over on Monday so I will actually let myself do some sewing, picture taking and editing!!!

Stitch Upon A Time Scrundlewear – affectionately known as Scrundies!

Day 1 is all about the basics. I’m a bonds kinda girl (The Aussie brand, not to be confused with a Bond-girl, that’s not quite how I would describe myself). My drawer is full of plain black, plain grey, bleh, bleh, bleh. I’m boring and practical most of the time I guess you could say. This week I am testing out the Stitch Upon A Time Scrundlewear Pattern. I’m basically after comfort and no (or minimal) VPL (visible panty line).


So here are my basics. I tested first with this bleh and boring beige (which will be perfect as a basic under white clothing so just shut up and leave me alone about my granny panties haha), before I cut into my gorgeous Orinoco Designs custom knit. I made the basic brief pattern with knit bands in this awesome stretchy soft solid cotton lycra fabric (free/stolen from my Mum’s stash #cha-ching)! It will be perfect to make my daughters some undies for dancing to wear under their costumes, so that is now also on the to do list.


I made a large because I have been very busy being merry and putting on the pounds (that’s a lie, I’ve been doing that for the last 12 months haha), but i might make a medium next with the rise of the large as they are a little wide in the front and a little loose overall. Here is a pile of some the other fabrics that will become my basics as soon as I can find the time! I am all about the basics – how about you?


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Make sure you check in all week and go see what Jess at Tea Dust & Stitches and Katie at Katie Makes a Dress have made!!